Chapter Membership

Welcome and thank you for either joining or considering to join the IIBA® Singapore Chapter.


IIBA®  Singapore Chapter membership costs only $20 per year and is available to those who are active members of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®). If you are not an IIBA® member, you can learn more about becoming a Member of IIBA®at and the many benefits associated with membership at the international level.

Benefits of Membership

The Singapore Chapter offers many more benefits beyond those provided by the International organization.

  1. Receive exclusive member discounts including
    • Free chapter meetings with informative presentations
    • Discounted professional development opportunities
    • Discounts on selected IIBA materials when available
  2. Professional development opportunities through chapter events
    • Learn best practices o Learn industry trends and developments
    • Learn about practical applications of the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge
    • Participate in chapter sponsored professional development courses
  3. Network with other Business Analysis professionals to gain knowledge and expertise in the field
  4. Access to online forums for business analysis professionals
  5. Contribute to the Business Analysis profession
  6. Participate in chapter volunteer opportunities
  7. Participate in Business Analysis study groups to prepare for certification as a business analysis professional
  8. Learn from other Certified Business Analysis Professional about the certification process

We are continually looking for new products and services to offer to our membership.

How to Join

Joining our chapter is easy!

  1. First, join our email list (the Constant Contact box in the upper right corner) to be notified of upcoming events and chapter meetings.
  2. Please click here to register yourself for the membership
  3. Second, RSVP for an event and attend. We will be collecting membership fees at each meeting and accept cash or check.

More Information

Please contact the Membership Chair at

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